• Is my wiki legit, can it exist?

    This wiki has absolutely no rules whatsoever.

    Please respond quickly.

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    • You're the founder of this wiki. You can distribute any rule set on your wiki. The only thing that you have to follow is the Terms of Use and the Community Guidelines. If, however, your wiki is a ToU violation, if people are posting content that describes sexual activity in an offensive way, language is being distributed in a harmful way, users are calling each other slurs, underage, ect. ect. Then your wiki will be shut down, with no hesitation.

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    • I'm asking Sannse not you Fatal.

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    • Tekken LSSJ wrote: I'm asking Sannse not you Fatal.

      She'll probably say the same thing, but in a bit of a more clearer tone and add more stuff to my examples. Other than that, she'll say that you'll have to have rules on this wiki. All wiki's must obey those rules that I linked, or else there will be situations that you would not like to occur on this wiki.

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    • She hasn't replied and she won't reply she's obviously inactive.

      I'm just keeping my wiki unsafe and fun.

      Just the way I like it.

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    • I'm active, just not in the office on Sundays :)

      Fatal said it well.  All Wikia users and communities have to abide by the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.  That means a free-for-all won't work.

      Of course, outside of the ToU and Guidelines, it's up to you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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